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Uganda Baati Pushes for Convenience and Customer Value with E – commerce.

Kampala – 15th February 2024, Uganda Baati, a leading building solutions provider, recently met with the President of the E-Trade and Startup Association of Uganda, Ricky Rapa Thompson and the Chairperson Board, Ron Kawamara, to dialogue on future collaborations focusing on e-commerce as a driver to improved customer value an experience.

Speaking at the meeting, Macklean Kukundakwe the Head of Marketing at Uganda Baati said, “Uganda Baati is a pioneer of e-commerce in the steel sector. So this engagement is timely as we continue to learn and innovate solutions that increase customer value and reduce the red tape when it comes to service and product delivery.
“The steel sector is a highly competitive one and it is important that we are the fore front of addressing our customers’ needs and adapting to the new industrial era,” Macklean added.

Co-founder of SafeBoda and businessman, Ricky Rapa appreciated the Uganda Baati team for their deliberate interest in being a part of the E-trade and start up association and highlighted the importance in numbers when it comes to representation of ecommerce startups. “Just like any other sector, e-trade business is without challenges, however, it is a good sign when other entities begin to acknowledge its crucial relevance and embrace ecommerce” he said. He also called upon the policy makers to consult with the actual e-commerce traders on issues concerning the market before actualizing policies that affect them.

“With this two-way knowledge exchange, we hope to learn from the already existing and successful ecommerce startups through regular interactions with the members, incubation programs and joint innovation projects especially now that we are marking 60 years of service in Uganda,” Ian Rumanyika the Head External and Cooperate Affairs commented.

According to Ron Kawamara, the association provides a platform for startup companies in Uganda such as Glovo, Tugende, Watu, SafeBoda among others, with knowledge, skills and representation when it comes to engaging with multiple stakeholders to find solutions to different issues as well as promote best practices in a collaborative, open and transparent way.

As the leading building solutions provider in Uganda, this E-Shop platform aims to provide trustworthy and convenient end-to-end services, from viewing the products on the website, to purchasing and delivering to the customers.

This move by Uganda Baati and the E-Trade and Startup Association of Uganda will create synergies that foster economic growth and solves the challenges of online commerce, especially as Uganda continues to embrace digitalization and entrepreneurship.