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Multi- Story Steel Building System

SAFDECK is Uganda Baati’s brand of trapezoidal profiled, coated steel structural decking sheets that are used as a structural base layer for Multi- Storey steel Buildings.

SAFDECK is fitted on to secondary steel beams using self-drilling screws to form a diaphragm onto which light concrete works are cast.

Their structural design and heavy gauge allows for large spans between supports. This fixing helps to brace the building.

    • Aluminum-Zinc base hence extra corrosion resistance. Lasts 2 times longer than ordinary colour
      coated roofing sheets.
    • Superior Quality of paint-systems allows Uganda Baati to offers fade free warranties of between 5 years-15 years.
    • Customizable in a range of colours.
    • Customized lengths- tailor made to customer requirements. Less joints hence minimal chances of leakage;
      more economy owing to less wastage.
    • Available matching accessories offers a truly total roofing solution that is in complete harmony with itself.
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