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» Welcome to Uganda Baati :

Uganda Baati Limited
is a member of the Safal Group of companies. The Safal Group is the largest manufacturer of metal roofing products in Eastern and Central Africa and the leading roll former of roofing products in Africa. The Safal Group also has Galvanising Lines in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania as well as Aluminium-Zinc and Colour Coating lines in Kenya. Safal is the first organisation in Africa to have set up the Aluminium-Zinc coating technology.
Founded in 1964 – Uganda Baati was the first company in the East African region to set up an ultra-modern Continuous Galvanising line. Operating out of Kampala, Uganda Baati is the country’s leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing sheets and has the widest range of roofing products in galvanized, aluminium-zinc coated and pre-painted material. Uganda Baati is a specialist in providing customised roofing solutions.

The galvanising line was built and equipped with the finest specialist equipment available in order to satisfy all market requirements. The plant is operated by qualified and well-trained, in-house technicians with many years of experience in the manufacture of galvanised products, known country wide as the Lion Brand. 

Uganda Baati has significant plans for the future to maintain and grow its market position inthe Great Lakes region and Southern Sudan. It is committed to provide the leadership, resources and training necessary to create an environment in which every member of the company can contribute towards their continuing success.

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